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You probably want to know all sorts of things about the electric scooters from TRENDIAMO. You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Is your question not listed? Then please contact us.

Can I take my electric scooter onto public roads?
According to Dutch and Belgian traffic law, the motorised scooter falls under the category of mopeds and they need to be approved for public roads. Currently, only the TRENDIAMO
Country has ECC approval. With approved scooters, the approval number is stamped into the frame.

In Belgium, electric scooters are allowed on public roads at up to 18 km/h.

Where can I ride my approved scooter?
Legally, you are riding a moped, so you need to adhere to the traffic rules that apply to this mode of transport. These are the same as those for bicycles.

What do I need to be allowed to take my electric scooter onto public roads?
First, you need a moped driving licence or a driving licence for cars or motorbikes (NL). From the age of 16, you can ride a moped with a moped driving licence. If you have a car or motorbike driving licence, you do not need a moped driving licence.

You also need (at least) a third party liability insurance. This applies to all mopeds. With a third party liability insurance, you are covered for the damage resulting from accidents you cause. The insurance costs for our products are very low; about € 50 per year. It is illegal to ride a moped without insurance.

What can happen if I ride without a moped certificate or driving licence?
This is a punishable offense and may result in a hefty fine. You also have a real chance that your insurance company will not cover any damages. So it also basically means you are not insured.

What can happen if I ride an approved moped without third party liability insurance?
Riding your scooter without insurance can have major consequences for the rest of your life if you cause an accident. The damage is not covered and can technically be recovered from you over multiple years. Because a moped has a licence plate, you will also automatically be fined if your moped is not insured. And that fine is much more expensive than actual insurance!

What can happen if I am stopped with an unapproved motorised scooter?
That depends on the officer who stops you. Your scooter could be immediately confiscated, or you could have a pleasant conversation and ride off with a smile (and anything in between). The police are not always aware of the rules surrounding electric scooters, but we are: without RDW or EEC type approval, they are not allowed on public roads!

If I place a seat on my (unapproved) scooter, can I take it onto public roads?
No, you can’t. Without type approval, a motorised scooter is simply not allowed on public roads. Not even with a seat, lights, or anything else.

How do I know whether my scooter has type approval?
If you buy a scooter from us, we will immediately make that clear. An approved model is certainly an advantage compared to the unapproved models. Because type approval is a costly affair, approved scooters are more expensive. An approved scooter gets a licence plate, so you can take it onto public roads. Always look for the type approval number, which is stamped into the frame and starts with the letter ‘e’.

How can I get type approval for my scooter?
This is probably not worth it for you, because it will cost a lot of time and money. Just getting a seat and lights is not enough. Type approval is really only interesting for manufacturers and importers. If a type approval could (easily) be achieved, then the manufacturer or importer would have already taken care of it.

If you want to know more regardless, enquire with the RDW. It is probably easier (and ultimately cheaper) to buy an already approved motorised e-scooter from us.

Where can I ride with an unapproved scooter?
Everywhere except on public roads. Think of terrains like gardens, campsites, port areas, business parks, sports grounds, paddocks, closed events, warehouses, trade fairs, etc. Provided you have permission from the owner, of course.

Can I take my unapproved electric scooter onto public roads abroad?
In some European countries, motorised scooters are allowed on public roads or nobody makes a fuss about it. For instance, in Italy, generally you will not get into problems with the police. This is information we received from customers. We cannot guarantee that this is always the case. Nor can you derive any rights from this. We always recommend that you check with local authorities.

How old do I have to be to ride an unapproved scooter and do I need to wear a helmet?
That does not matter, so long as you are not riding on public roads. For your own safety, we always recommend protective clothing and possibly a helmet and other body protection. But this is not mandatory if you are not riding on public roads.

Where can I insure my approved e-scooter?
At most bicycle shops and various insurers, such as and

Can I insure my unapproved e-scooter?
You may be able to insure an unapproved scooter with an insurance company. The added value of this insurance is questionably, at least in the Netherlands, because you do not meet the general conditions. This means you are ‘outlawed’ if you cause damage. The insurance may be viable (or even required) with the ‘green card’ in countries where unapproved motor scooters are allowed on public roads.